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Why are we Telling Stories?

Genetics and genomics is relevant and important to all healthcare professionals and their education must prepare them for this appropriately. For some health professionals, such as nurses, midwives and doctors in the UK, what this ‘education’ should include has already been identified in competency-based genetics/genomics education frameworks and learning outcomes.

Of course, knowing what should be taught, or learned, is a helpful first step. But having resources that help the educator to facilitate, or the learner to acquire competence, is crucial. There are numerous resources available and other parts of this website are devoted to guiding you through some of these resources. What we aim to do in these pages however is to link the competency frameworks and learning outcomes directly to a resource that uses real-life stories to help promote understanding of genetics and genomics.

The original project to develop this education resource was funded by a Wellcome Trust People Award grant and was intended for nurses and midwives. The project team has received further funding from the Wales Postgraduate Deanery to expand the resource to support the teaching and learning of genetics in medical education. The former NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre also played an important role in the support and development of the website. 


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We are looking to expand and develop Telling Stories Understanding Real Life Genetics as a resource and are always interested in exploring potential sources of funding to enable us to do this. If you are interested in working with us and would like to find out more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why use stories?

There is evidence that stories are useful in education as they can help promote understanding of often quite complex situations, linking theory to practice in a way that is memorable. A library of real-life stories has been gathered from the public and health professionals, reproduced here in text and/or video format, and linked to specific competency statements and learning outcomes. In doing so, we hope the stories will provide educators with a useful teaching resource, and will help learners to understand ‘real-life genetics’.

Some of the literature that has helped inform this project can be found here.

Who can use the site?

The pages are freely available as an education resource. Because video files can be very large, these have also been edited to produce short clips to speed up download times considerably and thus make the resource more accessible. The project to develop this education resource has been funded by a Wellcome Trust People Award grant.

Visitors to the site are welcome to download pages and reproduce them for education purposes only, provided the source is always acknowledged and the use is consistent with the ethos of the project and respect for the storytellers.

Copyright for the content is held by the project team.

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We are always looking for new stories to add to this site, and are particularly keen to hear from more practitioners. Your colleagues can learn so much from how you’ve dealt with situations which involved genetics.

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