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Glossary of terms used on this site

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Radioactive iodine

In the treatment of thyroid cancer a thyroidectomy (Surgery to remove some, or all, of the thyroid gland) is usually followed by a type of radiotherapy known as radioactive iodine treatment which is designed to destroy any remaining cancer cells and prevent the thyroid cancer from returning.

Recurrrence risk

The probability that a particular family member will be affected by a genetic disorder which has occurred in the family.


The respiratory tract is a general term that is used to describe all the parts of the body that are involved in helping a person to breathe. Health professionals generally make a distinction between the upper respiratory tract and the lower respiratory tract.

Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome is a disorder of brain development that occurs almost exclusively in girls. After 6 to 18 months of apparently normal development, girls with the classic form of Rett syndrome develop severe problems with language and communication, learning, coordination, and other brain functions.


Rheumatology consists of medical disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system, particularly the joints and surrounding soft tissues.

Ring chromosome

A ring chromosome usually occur when a chromosome breaks in two places and the ends of the chromosome arms fuse together to form a circular structure.

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